Jiangsu Bomin has been recognized as a national SRDI “Little Giant”
Source:Bomin Electronics
Published Time: 2023-08-16
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In order to thoroughly implement the important directive spirit of the General Secretary on "Cultivating a group of SRDI Minor Enterprises, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has carried out the fifth batch of SRDI Minor Enterprises. Recently, the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology has publicized the list of enterprises that have passed the audit in Jiangsu Province, and Bomin is listed in the list.

Jiangsu Bomin has long been committed to providing high-quality products and services to large and medium-sized enterprises both at home and abroad, with a focus on strengthening the R&D, application and promotion of new technologies and products. Over the years, we are focused on the research of 5G high-frequency high-density integrated printed circuit subdivision field, and has successively conquered a series of key technologies in the manufacturing of new generation printed circuit products for communication terminals, such as fine circuit manufacturing, micro-hole manufacturing, high-frequency low loss circuit processing, and passive component integration. 5G high-frequency high-density integrated printed circuit products maintain a certain market share in segmentation and gradually achieve domestic substitution.

The recognition of the national SRDI "Little Giant" enterprise is an affirmation of our company's professional and technological advantages and innovation capabilities in specific fields. Our company will strengthen cooperation and trust with the government and customers, promote healthy and sustainable development, and aspire to use the "Little Giant" as a new starting point to help our country open up a new track of victory in the field of integrated circuits and electronic circuits.