Our company participated in the award ceremony of "Bomin Scholarship" of Jiaying University
Source:Bomin Electronics
Published Time: 2023-07-17
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On June 9, Li Yunping, Deputy General Manager of Manufacturing in Meizhou Bomin, and Xin Feng, Director of HR & Admin Dept., on behalf of our company, were invited to attend the lecture on knowledge of electronic copper foil industry of Jiaying University and the award ceremony of "Bomin Scholarship". The ceremony was presided over by Zhang Fengru, Executive Dean of the School of Chemistry and Environment of Jiaying University. Vice President Yuan Duo and other school leaders, together with the faculty team of the Copper Foil Industry College, all students and representatives of students majoring in applied chemistry, attended the ceremony.

The "Bomin Scholarship" is divided into three categories: "Outstanding Student Award" "Student Award" and "Targeted Employment Award" with a total of 37 students receiving. At the meeting, Li Yunping spoke as a representative of the company and an alumnus of Jiaying University. He expressed congratulations and encouragement to the award-winning students, affirmed the pleasant cooperation since the signing of the "School Enterprise Cooperation" agreement between the two parties, and welcomed every outstanding student to come to Bomin for internship and training.

In his speech, Vice President Yuan expressed his gratitude to Bomin Electronics for its strong support for the development of education in Jiaying University. The establishment of "Bomin Scholarship" further promoted the high-quality development of education and teaching. He emphasized that the establishment of the Copper Foil Industry College of Jiaying University and the opening of the "Bomin Class" are the "seamless connection" between the school and Bomin Electronics, the "co-frequency resonance" between the specialty and the industry, and truly achieve the teaching purpose of "the combination of theory and practice".

Finally, under the leadership of President Zhang Fengru, our staff visited Jiaying University and the Copper Foil Industry College, listened to the history of Jiaying University and the construction of the Copper Foil Industry College. We hope that both schools and enterprises can continuously explore more innovative cooperation methods and cultivate applied talents who can be retained, used, and done well.