Jiangsu Bomin won a Double First in Total Score in the second "Shuangrui Cup" safety production skills competition
Source:Bomin Electronics
Published Time: 2023-07-17
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In order to promote the effective implementation of safety production month and safety production activities, promote the learning of safety knowledge and improvement of safety skills by all employees, Dafeng Economic Development Zone has organized the second "Shuangrui Cup" safety production skills competition, with a total of 24 enterprises participating. The competition covered many aspects, such as the Safe Production Law, the Safe Production Regulations of Jiangsu Province and Yancheng City, the criteria for judging major accident hazards of industrial and trade enterprises, and the limited space practice. Jiangsu Bomin stood out in the competition and won the best results in practice and total score.

Safety is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Jiangsu Bomin focuses on enhancing the safety awareness and accident prevention ability of all employees, strengthening their understanding of the importance of safety work, enhancing the safety management mechanism, and constructing enterprise safety production defense. At the same time, organize lectures on firefighting professional knowledge, firefighting emergency drills, limited space emergency rescue drills, etc., to enhance the sense of responsibility and self-protection.

This safety skills competition further consolidated the participants' safety theoretical knowledge, improved their emergency response capabilities in practical combat, and further promoted the organic combination of safety responsibility awareness and production operation. In the future, Jiangsu Bomin will further enhance the safety skills of its employees and effectively promote the company's safety production work to a new level.